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Welcome to NFTrace, an innovative augmented reality geo-collecting platform that allows you to discover and collect unique digital items with real-world utility. Our location-based mobile app makes it easy for anyone to get started with NFT collecting, regardless of technical expertise. With our platform, you can explore a wide range of utility NFTs such as event tickets, digital art, subscriptions, coupons, POAs and loyalty rewards. Imagine being able to use your phone to redeem a discount at your favourite store, simply by presenting a unique NFT!
Our platform also connects artists, brands, creators, and collectors, helping to build a vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the WEB3 space or new to the world of NFTs, we make it easy for you to participate and explore the possibilities of this exciting new technology. Join us and unlock a new world of possibilities with NFTrace.


The Current State of NFT Collecting : Challenges and Opportunities

So, Why NFTrace ?

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