A Look into NFT Collecting

Minting and collecting NFTs has traditionally been a difficult and complex process, limited to a small group of experienced users and collectors. The current process of minting and collecting NFTs takes place on websites, often through a static webpage where users upload their digital file and fill out associated information. This process often lacks an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it difficult for new users to navigate and understand. The reliance on technical jargon and complex interfaces can make it challenging for new users to enter the market and participate. Additionally, the current process often lacks a connection to the real world, making it difficult for users to connect with the NFTs they create and collect. It can also be time-consuming and difficult, making it hard for users to interact with NFTs in a timely and efficient manner.
Despite these challenges, there have been some exciting developments in the NFT space, such as the RTFKT x Rimowa campaign powered by Oncyber Labs, which was a true relief and a sign for the great change to come. This campaign highlighted the potential for NFTs to be connected to the real world and for the minting process to be more intuitive, user-friendly and seamless.
However, the NFT space still faces other challenges such as poor infrastructure, high cost of entry, and a lack of diversity among collectors. These challenges make it difficult for new users to enter the space and participate. At NFTrace, we believe that we have created solutions that address these challenges by providing an intuitive, user-friendly, and connected to the real world platform, making it easier for users of all skill levels to participate. We are excited about the future of NFTs and look forward to welcoming you to our community.