New Collecting Experience

At NFT Race, we believe that collecting NFTs should be a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond simply buying items online. That's why we have created a new collecting experience that incorporates elements of physical collecting into the digital realm.
On our platform, users can see objects that are available near them on a map, and then travel to the geographical location to reach the object. Once the user is at the location of the object, they can grab the object through the augmented reality feature using the camera on their device. This process adds a sense of adventure and discovery to the collecting experience, and is unique compared to other NFT platforms that only offer e-commerce like websites.
We have imagined this process as a substitution for e-commerce like websites giving a real-life experience to this process. We aim to promote utility NFTs especially, where users can collect NFTs based on their location. These utility NFTs can be used in various ways like gaming, collecting, and tourism. With the use of augmented reality, we aim to give a new dimension to collecting NFTs.
In summary, our platform offers a new collecting experience that combines the convenience of digital collecting with the excitement of physical collecting. Whether you're a fan of art, collectibles, or gaming items, we believe that NFT Race is the ideal platform for anyone looking to expand their collection in a unique and immersive way