Accessible for All : Freedom of Custody

NFTrace is a platform that is accessible for all, and is built on the principle of freedom of custody. Whether you are an experienced veteran of the WEB3 community or new to the space, anyone can use our platform to collect and discover NFTs.
For experienced WEB3 users, the platform seamlessly connects to your non-custodial wallet, allowing you to easily collect and manage your NFT assets. By using a non-custodial wallet, you have increased security and control over your assets.
For new users unfamiliar with the WEB3 space and the process of setting up a non-custodial wallet, we have partnered with to make the onboarding process as seamless as possible. In this case, a custodial wallet is created for the user. Users can log in with their email and phone number, and we will create a custodial wallet for them. This allows for an easy and secure way for individuals to join the world of WEB3 and start collecting NFTs
Creators can also add their NFTs to the platform for users to collect. By expanding the community, we aim to empower the WEB3 space by making it easier for users to discover and collect NFTs, and for creators to reach a wider audience for their work.
On the platform, you can collect different types of NFTs like gaming, art, collectibles, etc. We believe that this will be beneficial for the users as it will give them an opportunity to explore and discover different types of NFTs.
In summary, by making the platform accessible for all, we aim to empower the WEB3 community and give users the freedom to control their own assets.