Access to Exclusive NFTs

At NFTrace, we are committed to providing our users with access to exclusive NFTs that are not available anywhere else. We have introduced a new way to mint, geodrop, and bridge the world of digital assets and their utility to the real world. To achieve this, we are actively working on partnerships with established brands, digital art collections, talented creators, and artists.
We are currently in the process of securing a large number of exclusive items that will be unique and only offered on our platform. On the business side, we have plans for a variety of discounts, giveaways, and vouchers that will be exclusive to our platform. These are items that individuals can collect and monetarily benefit from in the real world.
We also have plans to work with conferences and events to offer a wide range of tickets that will be only available to the lucky individuals who find them in designated areas throughout the city, only on our platform.
In addition, we are working on collaborations with both established and upcoming artists and creators to make unique NFTs that will be offered and minted for the first time on our platform. The new methods and innovations of NFTrace have opened a lot of doors and unleashed potential that many in the industry are eager to benefit from. Thus, we are actively working towards gaining access to a wide range of exclusive NFTs that will not be available anywhere else.