Become a Creator

Becoming a creator on NFTrace is easy and accessible to anyone. We believe in empowering users and giving them the tools to become creators themselves. This is why we have made it simple for any user to upload a picture of a location or design their own NFT to be collected by other users.
Users can easily upload a picture of a location, such as a street art piece, and associate it with an NFT. This allows other users to discover and collect the NFT when they visit the location. This feature not only allows users to become creators but also encourages them to explore and discover new places and art.
In addition, we also provide users with the ability to design and mint their own NFTs. This can be done through our user-friendly interface, which allows users to easily create and mint their own unique NFTs. Whether you are a digital artist or just someone with a creative idea, our platform makes it easy for anyone to become a creator.
Overall, our platform is designed to empower users and give them the tools to become creators. We believe in fostering creativity and innovation in the NFT space and our platform makes it easy for anyone to contribute to the community.