Bringing Back the Fun to NFTs

Bringing back the fun to NFTs is at the core of the user experience on NFTrace. We believe that collecting NFTs should be an entertaining and engaging process, and that's why we have gamified the platform. The gamification is made up of three main sections: traveling through the city, level design, and augmented reality.
In the age where we are more and more distant from the world around us, where the younger generation leaves the confines of their 'safe zone' less and less, we are trying to reintroduce the friendship between humans and their surroundings. That going out is fun, exploring and seeing new angles of our cities. By traveling through the city, users can discover new locations and collect NFTs in a unique and fun way.
The level design of the platform incorporates elements of game design, where users gain rewards as they progress through levels and gain more at higher levels as the requirements for collecting more objects becomes more difficult. This is designed with the psychology of games in mind to maintain a balance between challenge and reward to increase the positive psychic energy gained over time playing.
In addition, we will have lootboxes for users to win free collectibles, adding an extra layer of excitement to the collecting experience.
At NFTrace we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology. It is important to us to offer the best to our users and the best we offer. The collection process through NFTrace happens through augmented reality. When a user arrives at the location of the object they will turn their camera on and “hunt” for the NFT object around them. This augmented reality feature adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement to the collecting experience.
Altogether, our platform offers a unique and fun collecting experience that combines the excitement of physical collecting with the convenience of digital collecting. Whether you're a fan of art, collectibles, or gaming items, we believe that NFTrace is the ideal platform for anyone looking to expand their collection in a unique and engaging way, with the added bonus of lootboxes for users to win free collectibles