Linking Physical and Digital Worlds

Linking physical and digital items is a crucial aspect of the NFT space. The initial focus of NFTs was on digital objects, items to collect and keep or to use in digital spaces such as the metaverse. This was due to the hype that initially followed the blockchain technology and everything associated with it. While this initial focus was good as it brought mainstream exposure to the technology, the true value of NFTs lies in their unique abilities to provide real-world use cases.
At NFTrace, we are building on the defining elements of NFT technology to give true meaning and use to their usability in the real world beyond the world of collectibles and metaverse.
Our technology associates an NFT with a particular geographical location, allowing it to be in relation to the environment surrounding that place. This includes street art, local artists, utility tokens associated with businesses, events, and conferences, all of which have real-world use to the individual who has collected it.
By linking physical and digital items, we aim to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world, creating a seamless experience for our users. This not only enhances the collection experience but also allows for the true potential of NFTs to be realized in the real world.