WTF is an NFT ?

Welcome to NFT Race, where we aim to make NFTs accessible to everyone. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital item stored on a blockchain that can represent a wide range of things, from digital art and event tickets to coupons and loyalty rewards. By possessing an NFT in your digital wallet, you can claim ownership of it.
You may be wondering why there is so much hype around NFTs. In the past year, there was a significant bull run in the NFT market, with billions of dollars in monthly transactions. High-value NFTs like Bored Apes and Cryptopunks were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many people were able to profit from minting and selling these NFTs. However, there were also many bad actors who took advantage of the hype to scam unsuspecting buyers with fake NFTs.
Fast-forward to mid-2022, the NFT market has cooled down, and many people have a negative perception of NFTs. However, we believe that this is the perfect time to launch our platform and redefine the meaning of NFTs. At NFT Race, we aim to promote utility NFTs, which have real-world use cases and benefits for the users who collect them. Additionally, we work to provide a safe and enjoyable platform that connects artists, brands, creators, and collectors, and that is accessible to all users regardless of their technical expertise.