Loot boxes + Rewards

Lootboxes and rewards are an essential part of the user experience at NFTrace. We understand that collecting and exploring NFTs should be fun and engaging, which is why we have incorporated a gamified approach to our platform.
Our platform features a variety of rewards and lootboxes that users can earn through completing different activities and engaging with the WEB3 community. These rewards are designed to increase the positive psychic energy gained by users while using our platform.
Lootboxes include a variety of digital assets that users can win by chance through completing different activities on the app. Every action a user takes on our platform, whether it be exploring new locations or engaging with other users, earns them points which can be exchanged for lootboxes.
In addition, we also offer special rewards for participating in events, location-based occasions, and conferences. This encourages users to explore, earn, and integrate more with the community.
Overall, our lootbox and reward system is designed to provide users with a fun and engaging way to explore the world of NFTs and the WEB3 community.